Alsup Road Sign  When you drive down Northern Avenue or Camelback Road, you will see a street called Alsup Avenue, half way between Sarival and Reems Roads. The road is named after a young man, Robert Alsup. 

  In 1939, Paul Litchfield began an Apprentice Farmer project.  The aim was to give deserving young men practical experience in farming practices, finance, marketing and farm machinery.  The reward of their hard work was the opportunity to purchase 80 acres parcels from Goodyear Farms.  The result of the program was the Adaman Farm Co-Operative. 

   Robert “Bob” Alsup was an apprentice farmer who came to the valley from New Mexico to be part of the program.  In October 1941, Bob put his training aside to join the Army Air Corp during World War II.  Goodyear Farms was holding his place open for him on his return to the program, when in March 1943 he was killed in a plane crash in Hawaii while serving his country.  He was 23 years of age.  His fellow apprentices named the road, Alsup Avenue, in his honor. 

Alsup Hall 2012

Alsup Hall 2012

  There is an old meeting hall for the Adaman group on Bethany Home Road that was also named in his honor.  Alsup Hall was the site of annual dinners, picnics, monthly dances, and many educational programs for the group.  Sold to a private owner in 1993 the building still stands just east of Sarival Road.