Wikipedia is a wonderful thing.  Unfortunately it has some misinformation and a lot of just plain bunk.  The Wiki page for Waddell, Arizona was so bad; I must conclude it was posted as a joke.  I had the opportunity to talk to James Truman last year.  His family was mentioned in the error filled entry and he asked me if I could correct the information on the Wiki page for Waddell.  The process was a little more involved than I thought; it is important to list sources to show credibility and I felt obligated to leave in information that listed a source.  Check it out.  Here is the updated information I posted followed by the wildly imaginative information that I deleted.

Waddell is an unincorporated community in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States, northwest of the city of Phoenix. Waddell is named after Donald Ware Waddell, native of Ohio, who was a partner in the New York City investment firm of Brandon, Gordon and Waddell. It was this firm that organized the private financing for construction of the dam for the water reclamation project that creates Lake Pleasant. The intended Waddell town site was laid out by Donald W. Waddell in 1935, on property he owned on the northeast corner of Waddell Road and Cotton Lane (Section 12, T3N, R2W, G&SRB&M).  Waddell moved to the area to oversee the firm’s interests in the project. He served on the board of the Maricopa Water District and invested in land through his interests in the Arizona Citrus Land Company and the Waddell Ranch Company.

In 1937 the Waddell Post Office was established inside the store on the original town site. Later the post office moved across the street and shared space with the cotton gin office. The current Waddell Post Office was built in 1992 and is located on Glendale Avenue and Cotton Lane, four miles south of the original site. The town never did develop, but remained a post office and place name for the area.

The dam on the Agua Fria River that creates Lake Pleasant (once called Frog Tanks Dam then, Pleasant Dam) was renamed for Donald W. Waddell in 1963, shortly after his death, in recognition of his contributions to the Maricopa Water District. Barry M. Goldwater spoke at the dedication ceremony.

Old Wikipedia for Waddell, AZ

“The original Waddell area is located right off Waddell Rd. and between Citrus Rd. and 186th Avenue. It was established sometime in the 1930s when a citrus farmer named Truman began farming the land. The very first citrus tree planted by Truman, on the corner of Waddell Rd. and Cotton Lane, stayed standing as a landmark until February 2009 due to development. Some unincorporated areas west of Surprise, Arizona, may still identify as being part of Waddell. The city of Surprise offered to annex the town but was denied by the HOA.

Was named after General George Allen Waddell III of the 5th cavalry who fought in the Indian American War. General Waddell resided along the road of his namesake until his death in 1855. General Waddell’s vision for his town was to become the only all cow farming town in Arizona. ”