“Those Lights Start Shudders at Buckeye”

Evidence was found of ritualistic signal lights on the White Tank Mountains in June of 1922.  The brilliant lights were seen for several evenings high on the mountain tops.  A curious party left Buckeye one evening to investigate the mystery, driving to the eastern slope of the mountains.  At first they thought the lights were distress signals.  As the evening wore on, the lights seamed to appeared and disappeared suddenly and formed geometric patterns of squares, circle and diamond shapes.  The symmetrical shapes they witnessed led the group to conclude the lights were the result of some unknown scientists or surveyors working on the mountain, performing some strange experiment.

Another local resident said he knew the real reason for the strange lights.  He told a local newspaper reporter that a mysterious secret order was in the habit of performing elaborate ceremonies on mountains peaks around the Salt River Valley.  This secret organization used the brilliant fires as part of fantastic ritual and had held similar ceremonies on other mountains in the valley.dancers

All of this news probably caused a good laugh to the ranchers familiar with the area.  Earlier that same week a brush fire was reported in the White Tank Mountains by cowboys from the Dysart, Myers and Lane Cattle Company.  The fire was visible at night from Phoenix and Buckeye as it burned its way over the top of the mountains heading west.  Despite reports from the cowboys, the lights generated stories of mysterious and fantastic explanations.

Strange lights, mysterious signal fires, ritual ceremonies of secret orders… or it could just be a brush fire.