Waddell Photos

Do you have stories or photos of the early days of Waddell?  I would love to hear from you.  Pass on those memories for all to share and help write the history of Waddell.

Waddell & Reems, SW corner

Waddell & Reems, SW corner


9 thoughts on “Waddell Photos”

  1. Bill Johns said:

    I would like to know if there were any other Waddell family members who might have moved to that area around the early 1950s. As a child I lived in Mt. Clemens, MI, and our near neighbors were the Waddell family. The father’s name was Donald, and I remember two daughters, Stella and Barbara. They moved to AZ in the early ’50s. In 1952 my father decided we would visit them in the Phoenix area, so we traveled out ther by car and stayed with Don and his family. I remember that my father and Don took a ride one evening, and I rode in the back seat, listening to them talk. Don talked about all the future development that would take place in that area, and I remember riding through hills with saguaro cactus all around. I think he was trying to talk to my father about having us move out to Phoenix and getting involved in that development. We never did. A few years later the Waddells came back for a visit and stayed with us for a few days in Mt. Clemens. A few years later, I believe their daughter, Barbara died from what I believe was an aneurism. I think they had a son, maybe named Phillip (not sure of that name). I thought Don’s wife was named Cherl, but I’m not sure of that either. If Stella is still alive, she would be around 67 years old, and the son I believe was a little older than her, but I don’t remember him very well.

    If anyone has any knowledge of this part of the Waddell family, pleas let me know. I do not believe this could possible have been Donald Ware Waddell, but I wonder if it is a close family member.


    Bill Johns

    • Hello Bill,

      Donald Ware Waddell was born in Greenfield, Ohio in 1881. He and his wife, Florence, had one child, Eleanor Waddell Libby. I have not heard of any other family members who also came to the Phoenix area, but there were many Waddells living here in the 1950’s. None that I know of as being a relation of Donald Ware Waddell. A good place to start your search is the Maricopa County Recorders Office. Go to their web page at: http://recorder.maricopa.gov/recdocdata/
      Looking at old deeds, mortgages, etc. is a great place to find information. You will find family members and addresses listed on many of the documents.

      Good luck.


    • Eric Pennick said:

      I remember a Donald and I think his last name was Libby, son of Elenor Libby, daughter of Mr Waddell. If all this as I remember it was in 1964-65 at The Ranch.
      They were friends and supported Berry Goldwater.

  2. Bill Holmberg said:

    I knew Eleanor Libby and her husband Scott, of the Libby food family. Eleanor, as a young girl was a zig field follies dancer and later married Scott. They were good friends of Barry and Peggy Goldwater and traveled together around the world together. We all had some fun times and I miss them.They had an adopted son, Donald.

    • Hi Bill. I know they were good friends of the Goldwaters. Barry Goldwater spoke at the dedication ceremony renaming the dam at Lake Pleasant, the Waddell Dam, in honor of Eleanor’s father Donald W. Waddell. You will have to tell us some of the stories of your adventures together.

      As for Eleanor being a follies girl, I must admit I never heard anything about that. Eleanor was however an accomplished artist. Two of her watercolors were given to the Litchfield Park Historical Society and they hang in their museum. You can find them in the main room on either side of the portraits of Paul and Florence Litchfield. Eleanor was the president of her family charitable foundation, The Donald Ware Waddell Foundation, and oversaw donations of at least $7 million dollars to cancer research and civic organizations.
      Karen Krause

  3. Patty Badenoch said:

    My name is Patricia Guard Badenoch and I am the daughter of Warren “Bud” and Claire N. Guard who lived at the SE Corner of Cotton Lane and Olive Ave. They were close friends of Scott and Eleanor Libby. They knew “DW” Waddell and I might still have current contact information with Eleanor and Scott’s adopted son, Don. My parents were also personal friends of Berry and Peggy Goldwater. They were gregarious entertainers, who often included
    the commanding officers at Luke Air Force Base. And they would frequently join with Jim and Lola Taylor at their wonderful place. It was just a mile down the road and at the time had the only pool around. The Taylor place, by tradition, became the Officer’s Club away from the Officer’s Club. I also remember that Lola, for many years worked for the Waddell Ranch Company. I have old photos that I would like to donate. One of which is of “DW” Waddell. Also I have one showing Jim and Lola Taylor with their beloved parrot, Mac. And others of parties held at the Guard Ranch, and at the Taylor place. I also have two watercolor’s that Eleanor had given to my mother that I would like to donate at some point.
    Patricia Badenoch

  4. Arabeth Gilliland said:

    Does anyone know what Scott L. Libby’s middle name was? Was it just “L,” or is the L an abbreviation of a name?

    • Scott Leighton Libby Jr. is Scott Libby’s full name. Scott married Eleanor Waddell (D.W. Waddell’s daughter) in 1932 in Beverly Hills, CA. Scott was listed as from Long Island, NY in the marriage announcement.

      • I am Eleanor’s God son. Don was a. Adopted son who lives in San Francisco. Eleanor has an amazing past that was very colored. Don had a strained relationship Eleanor and she with him. But they also made time for one another and made things work the best they could. She loves the arts and ever wanted to let go of the Good times. Don shared that enthusiasm

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