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Cotton Lane


2 thoughts on “Trees on Cotton Lane – 2010”

  1. We used to live at Waddell in 1954 – about 1971. My mother used to walk to Pugh’s Store to get our mail. My dad used to work there on the farm.The shop was located behind Pugh’s store and the farm office. My dad mentioned some of the other hands: Scott Libby (?), Felix Madrid,Salvador Prado,Martin Garcia. I’m pretty sure they have all passed away by now as my father has. We also used to live in some of the camps like Camp 51,52 and 53. Anyone else remember those camps or lived there?

    • Ruby, There will be a book about the camps coming out this fall or early next year you may be interested in. Written by Cruz Pariga Dominguez and Belen Soto Moreno it will be full of photos from the camps. Published by Arcadia Publishing, I think the title is Mexican-Americans of Lithcfield Park. The camps were for employees of Goodyear Farms. Go to the Litchfield Park Historical Society web page LPHSMuseum.org They will be announcing the book when it finally comes out. Also, look into their Newsletters for stories and pictures, especially Fall 2014.
      Karen Krause

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